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Tuesday, 7-Mar-2006 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Mamak Nite 2006

Quick pic before the event
Rashid showing some skills (well, kind of..)
James in his own world
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Mamak Nite 2006 was gooooood... cheers to Ema, wohoo!!

(further comments to be up later..too tired to write now, lols)

Saturday, 25-Feb-2006 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Paintballing @ Croydon

LSE - Croydon 1
LSE - Croydon 2
LSE - Croydon 3
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It was cold, and it was paintball, so literally, it was the Cold War...

When I checked before going, it 'feels like' -4 in Croydon... but the 26 of us Malaysians went ahead, as though KL is just a tube ride away from Holborn Station. It was even snowing the night before, and the Paintball ground was terribly muddy... But we had fun though - shooting at mates, devising strategies to capture the flag, and realising that Counterstrike isn't all that you need to survive the day.

Fun was the main highlight, and seriously, who plays paintball with only 100 balls?

Thursday, 23-Feb-2006 06:45 Email | Share | | Bookmark
RAG Week 2006

Celine - before
Celine - splashed!
Celine - floured!
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Last year we had cream pies, this year we’re offering you more choices - water, cream, flour, ketchup, eggs, and even a combination of these items!

Sounds great? There’s just one little catch… what you’ll get to throw will depend on how lucky your hand is!

Upon donating, each participant will draw a lot and have a chance to throw one of the items, or if you’re lucky enough, a combination of them!

Who are the victims? Your dearest MC Committee.


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